Dec 28 2013

Garcinia Cambogia Celebrity Diet

Celebrities are known to have set standards for their lives. There is a particular figure and shape they wish to have. No wonder they spend millions of dollars on their looks alone before getting to other expenditure. When garcinia cambogia was discovered, many celebrities were happy to have got a weight loss herb that would help them curb unwanted appetites and get rid of unusual size naturally.

Still, the herb does not work for all because everyone has got a different chemical composition due to variations in body chemistries. Therefore what works for one person may not work for another. This makes it necessary to eat right, adopt an appropriate exercise regimen for your given age and health condition.

Dr Oz Garcinia CambogiaWhile many celebrities have personal doctors, sometimes they ignore to consult them before beginning on weight loss pills. It is important to consult a physician before taking the herb, especially if you are on other medications. There is always a possibility of drugs interacting with dietary supplements. Of course Dr Oz garcinia cambogia is a natural extract that has got no known side effects, but just as a precaution, there needs to be surety for safety.

At the same time, there have been cases of individuals taking more than the prescribed dose to get instant results. Well, too much of something is ultimately dangerous even for garcinia cambogia celebrity diet. After all, human beings are all just that; human, celebrity status notwithstanding.

Just like all weight loss pills, garcinia cambogia has got dosage instructions. It needs to be taken 30-40 minutes before a meal, and it is to be with water. Some people find this hard to adhere to. Remember there are individuals who are unable to take pills using water. They find it impossible. At the same time, they expect instant positive reaction from the extract.

All medicine and diet supplements take time and therefore need patience. None of these supplements should promise overnight results as this is not possible. Instead, positive results depend on a number of factors including quality of food consumed and appropriate exercise.

The dosage for garcinia cambogia differs in all individuals depending on the purpose for taking them. There is satiety dosage that is meant to curb abnormal appetites and therefore reducing food intake. The weight loss dosage curbs appetite, burns fat, reduces calorie intake and get rids of excess body weight by three times normal methods of dieting and exercising.

The satiety dosage is one capsule 30-40 minutes before each of the three daily meals. Meaning that in a single day, three capsules are enough. The weight loss dosage is three capsules 30-40 minutes before the three daily meals. By the end of the day therefore, one needs at least a total of nine capsules. Get more info –

It is recommended that one should not go beyond 3000gm in a single day. At the same time, the extract needs time to act on appetite as well as weight loss. No one should expect instant results as this is one reason that leads to people taking more than recommended doses.

Mar 22 2014

Is Garcinia Cambogia Exrtact Safe for 13 Year Olds?

Teenage is rather a controversial period in life. This is the time when children are making so many discoveries about themselves. Without proper guidance however, many end up with not too pleasant results. It is during this time that young people also eat too much. It is not their wish, instead, they need lots of energy to carry out several activities like games, school work and at times even domestic chores.

Teenage also comes with the perception that any guidance from parents should not be tolerated. Just a handful of them get to even take in advice from their guardians. They believe they are in control of their lives and as a result, know what is good for them and no one has the right to interfere. Well, that is a stage in life that every adult must have gone through.

Teenagers are not spared the obesity problem really. Most of them feel more comfortable eating sugary and oily foods. To them, it is not a matter of satisfying their hunger responsibly but rather honoring their urge for certain food that suit their specification. This makes it difficult to keep the 13 year olds body looking trim. In fact, most teenagers suffer from obesity than adults. With the weight, comes stigma among other undesirable factors that they have to deal with. If anyone in a situation like this learns that there is a weight loss supplement capable of working wonders, they may be tempted to use it. But is Garcinia Cambogia Dr Oz safe for 13 year olds? A parent may need to know. Get help online by visiting

As much as an overweight 13 year old may use this supplement to shed off some weight, parents and guardians need to observe their child’s diet to avoid such early use of weight loss supplements or any other drugs for that matter. Prolonged use of drugs leads the body system to get resistant in the long run, necessitating caution where drugs and supplements are concerned. Meantime, since garcinia has no side effects, it can be a necessity in serious obesity cases where teens are concerned.

If a 13 year old cannot control their appetite, garcinia cambogia can be handy in suppressing it. The HCA in garcinia is instrumental in controlling eating disorders. For a youth who is not able to stay away from fatty as well as sugary foods, this can be a good place to start. While this supplement reduces the urge for food, it also prevents the formation of fat cells by amending the sugar formation.

It also repairs and boosts the sugar into fat conversion process on a cellular level. It inhibits the liver’s storage of sugar as fat cells, instead, it converts it into energy. Constant use of the supplement can therefore drastically flatten the tummy making one look trim. All the same, a healthy child needs a healthy diet to avoid introduction to weight loss pills at a tender age. Parents and guardians need to let children have healthy foods that are nutritious and not those which promote weight gain. After all, prevention has always been better than cure.

Feb 25 2014

The Successful Mary MC Cormack Plastic Surgery

Mary MC Cormack is an American actress who began her career as a stage production performer in Gian Carlo Menotti’s Christmas Opera. Since she looked like a boy and could easily sing like one, she easily got a role as one during an acting scene. When she talks about her life as a young girl, one gets the feeling her success in movies is largely due to determination as well as luck.

Mary McCormack surgery

Born Mary Catherine MC Cormack in New Jersey USA in 1969, the actress has made several headlines in the movie industry. A peep at the year she was born will reveal one thing; she is advancing in age. Most female celebrities never wish to see themselves look old; with sagging flesh beneath their foreheads and wrinkles on their necks. They are very keen in extinguishing any signs of aging, prepared to go to great lengths in exterminating any effects wrought about by several years under the glowing sun.

Rumors have a way of spreading like wildfire within a very short time. Celebrities too, cannot hide so much from the public, however much they try. No wonder there has been plenty of gossip concerning Mary MC Cormack plastic surgery. The first transformed feature every keen eye noticed about her were the lips.

Before she took them for the overhaul, they were rather thin with sharp edges, but right now, she has very full lips that make her look extremely beautiful. She has joined the list of few individuals who have had successful surgeries. Many usually take the giant step of having certain alterations made to their bodies only to be disappointed. Luckily, she only looks better, not worse. Kudos to the professional who worked on her!

Other than her lips, her face also has that radiant glow that makes one wonder where the sudden change in her looks have originated from. While there were drawn lines on her face some years back, currently the actress seems to be having a very smooth face that almost resembles an adolescent’s. Of course she may not be too old, but definitely, she is not young either. With age, women sometimes spot wrinkles that seem to refuse to fade away when one uses cosmetics. This has led to many older women seeking the surgeon’s knife to appear youthful to the public.

A peep at her nose seems to be telling something as well. Though the most conspicuous part is her lips, the nose looks like it had something altered as well. Actually, that is the funny part of plastic surgery. Once one begins, they will always find a reason to go for a series of others. There have been cases where one person undergoes surgery in literally all parts of their bodies. If you want to know about it, go to

A successful surgery will also always give one the urge to go for more even when it is not necessary. Mary is just one person among many who have had plastic surgeries. Of course she is lucky hers turned out to be a success, giving her a beautiful look. We are yet to see what she will be doing next to alter her looks.

Jan 14 2014

Some of the Best Car Paints

The best car paint depends on the type of the car model that you are having. There are different types of car models that available in the market but the same car paint appears very different on every car model. Prior to choosing new car paint, consider the best car paint product available in the market and the cost to paint the car (find it here).

Best Car Paints

Some of the best car paints include-

1. Nitrocellulose paints

These are some of the oldest arrays of paints. It is made of cellulose and the formulation of the paint is mostly perfect to resist pollution and light. It contains organic solvent that evaporates into the atmosphere when in use.

2. Acrylic lacquer

This is another great alternative of car paints. It needs a thinner to have an ideal coat on your car. The finishing is smooth and looks glass like. You only need to have a regular buffing for the paint to shine well in your car. The other great thing with this paint is that it dries fast.

3. 2 pack paints

Most modern cars use this paints, as it is one of the best car paints available in the market. It is easy to use and less expensive too. The finish lasts for long and very resistant to damage. The paint is also made of two sections where hardener and paint are mixed to make a complete coat.

The most recent paints in the market are metallic and pearlescent. Metallic paints are made through mixing aluminum paints flakes with the shade paint that you desire. The impact can be controlled through calibrating the amount of flakes you add to the paint shade. Pearlescent paints are created from a solid base coat, clear topcoat, and a pearl flake coat. Pearlescent paints can as well change once the light hits its causing a color flick once the light hits it.

Dec 28 2013

Does Garcinia Cambogia Reduce Cellulite?

Many people have cellulite on thighs or legs and wonder how to get rid of it. This can be a big problem especially if you are overweight as well. If you have heard of garcinia cambogia, you may ask, ‘Does garcinia cambogia reduce cellulite?‘ The supplement has created waves since it hit the market.

Garcinia Cambogia SelectThis latest discovery has proved to be effective in suppressing appetite as well as reducing 2 times more weight than other supplements even when other eating or exercise habits have not been changed.

Since its inception, many people have gone for this weight loss supplement. Top health experts have featured this extract in their TV shows, increasing its popularity. Since the company is offering discounts for regular users/customers, with each order, a customer is able to get an extra bottle without any extra charges.

This is how garcinia cambogia works to reduce cellulite; as a fat blocker, it blocks fats by inhibiting efforts of citrate lyase which is an important metabolic enzyme. This is done mainly by HCA which is a citric acid by-product. It is the main ingredient in garcinia cambogia. Read my complete review –

In normal conditions, excess sugars and carbohydrates are converted to fatty acids, triglycerides and cholesterol by citrate lyase. The excess that the body cannot use for energy is usually stored as fat. This fat goes into the thighs, stomach, hips and buttocks. Hydrochloric acid interrupts this process by slowing the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. In other words, it halts storage.

As an appetite suppressant, it increases serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is an important brain chemical which acts as a neurotransmitter. It is responsible for regulatory processes that affect appetite as well as some other functions like determining mood. When serotonin is elevated, the cravings for food or sugars is reduced.

At the same time, mood is also improved, making depression to fade while getting rid of anxiety. When one is not depressed or anxious, they are less likely to turn to food for comfort. Garcinia cambogia also helps in increasing the metabolism rate. Metabolic process is a sequence of chemical reactions which keeps the body in a state of imbalance. HCA helps in keeping the balance hence making the reactions more efficient, resulting in the body using more energy than it takes. It does this by tapping into the fat that had been stored. In the end, a user gets thinner thighs and arms.

Garcinia cambogia select Dr Oz also helps in lowering blood cholesterol. HCA stops citrate lyase enzymes from changing sugar into fats thereby blocking fat storage as well as production. It also reduces the amount of lipids into the blood stream.

It increases production of good cholesterol while decreasing production of bad ones. It lowers blood pressure which impacts on moods, quality of life and general health. Finally, this weight loss supplement improves body’s immunity.

Studies indicate that garcinia cambogia improves the body’s ability in responding to infections. This is due to the concentration of vitamin C which is found in the fruit. It may also shorten the duration of illness like flu and common cold.

Dec 28 2013

Jackie Stallone Bad Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeries seem to have no age barrier. Even those oldies almost clocking a century are not spared the agony that comes with the knife. Picture Jackie Stallone at 90s; still wishing to have her face look better, fresher and younger.

Not amusing indeed, for you would think that after 50 or 60 years, a woman should be cherishing her sunset years in humility, caring for grandkids, not nursing the pains of plastic surgery gone wrong. But well, being the mother of a star actor Sylvester Stallone, she needs to be younger than her age announces. After all, everyone would wish to look as though they were 20 each passing day.

Jackie Stallone plastic surgery

Jackie is a different case of an oldie. She says that despite her age, she would wish to be younger than everyone thinks. She also confirms that the fear of death in the line of search for beauty is not her cup of tea.

She would rather die looking strikingly beautiful than old and ugly. In the same breath, she reveals that she regrets having begun plastic surgery. On the contrary, she admits to using cosmetic surgery, in fact, she says there is too much of it despite having to bear with looking like a chipmunk, or worse still, having a mouth that feels as though it is full of nuts. At the moment, she uses Juvederm; which is a cosmetic filler. It helps in puffing up her cheeks, though it leaves one with a mouth that feels as though it was filled with walnuts.

At her age, the lady still spots high heels and tight skirts, something most women her age would rather do without. According to Jackie, she does not want to end up in an oldies nursing home. Explaining where she gets her fitness, she says that she eats spinach and eggs for breakfast each morning.

Apart from that, she also goes for dancing classes three times a week, gets training twice a week and plays the piano twice a week. She looks really healthier than her 60 year old husband.

Jackie swears that unlike Hollywood stars who fear age, she is more popular while aging unlike younger stars. One therefore wonders why Jackie Stallone bad plastic surgery has to be her portion.

When asked about the procedures she has been through, she says she has had chemical peels, and more than 50 injections. About plastic surgery, she says it is ideal for stars, problem according to her is the doctors in Beverly Hills. In most instances, they are overrated according to the golden lady. It is rumoured that she had nose job too, but it’s not confirmed yet.

Other than the celebrity bad plastic surgeries, she has had to endure three heart attacks. She attributes them to the shock of having lost two of her children within three months.

Sage and Ann seem to have caused the lady lots of trauma. Other than the two, she has other two kids, Frank and Sylvester whom she is very proud of. She says she has taught them to live on vegetables to maintain a healthy diet, but may not be in a position to tell them how to correct a procedure gone awry.